True Purity (2 Disc DVD and Study Guide) – Series Two

Relating to Guys in a Christ-Honoring Way

A God-scripted marriage is more than worth waiting for.

True Purity (2 Disc DVD and Study Guide) – Series Two


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  • Release Date: 2013


Fairy tale love stories are more than possible, even in today’s perverse and warped generation. But don’t expect to find a fairy tale by imitating the haphazard, hold-nothing-back version of romance you see all around you. Only when you are willing to become one of the “few” in this generation who will go to all lengths to serve and honor your King will you experience His very best in romance and guy friendships.

Join Leslie Ludy as she takes you on a life-changing eight-week journey to discover God’s pattern for true purity, and answers your toughest questions about relating to guys in a God-honoring way.  This eight-week study includes a 2-Disc DVD set and accompanying study guide, designed for small groups or individuals.

Messages include: 

  • Week One — Warrior-Poet Manhood
  • Week Two — Inspiring Warrior-Poet Manhood, Part One
  • Week Three — Inspiring Warrior-Poet Manhood, Part Two
  • Week Four — Building Godly Guy Friendships
  • Week Five — Building a God-Honoring Relationship
  • Week Six — First Love
  • Week Seven — Making Christ Your First Love, Part One
  • Week Eight — Making Christ Your First Love, Part Two

Appropriate for young women of all ages. Each DVD session is approximately 30 minutes in running time. You can purchase additional copies of the study guide here if you are leading a small group and need more than one copy of the study guide.