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Set Apart Girl Magazine Subscription

Whether you subscribe or read one of our back issues, the Set Apart Girl Magazine is filled with powerful articles and life-changing truth for women of all ages. Leslie Ludy and her team will strengthen and inspire you toward a Christ-centered life, offering poignant biblical and practical insights for key areas such as prayer, devotion, relationships, family, lifestyle, decision-making, and purpose. New issues are released every two months.

Marriage & Motherhood Devotional | Vol. 5

Gain a fresh vision for the beauty of Christ-centered marriage and family! Powerful, Biblical, practical advice for wives for all ages.

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Set-Apart Motherhood

With humor, encouragement, and real-life honesty, Leslie Ludy (an “in the trenches” mother with several young children at home) offers Biblical and practical solutions for the daily challenges of motherhood, showing you how to build your home into a sanctuary of order and peace, cultivate meaningful relationships with your children, create a healthy routine for your family, share the Gospel with your kids and teach them Godly honor. By humbly applying God’s truth to every aspect of your mothering, you can discover His beautiful plan for your divine calling as a mother.

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Set Apart Girl Magazine Subscription

This is simply the best magazine! The content is inspiring and Christ centered, the articles are relevant, the photography beautiful and it always leaves you closer to Christ after reading it.


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Teaching True Love To A Sex At 13 Generation

This book has been a blessing to my family. In the quest to find what Godly dating should look like this book showed me that I was setting my sights far to short. Every parent needs to read this book!


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Set Apart Motherhood

I believe this is a perfect book for all mothers with young children. looking forward to read this inspiring book and I know this  will really help me to actually cultivate a setapart life as a young mother.