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Set-Apart Femininity

Get ready to experience the lost art of set apart femininity—and find what you’ve been searching for. In this book, Leslie Ludy gives a radical call to a counter-culture lifestyle in which every area of your life is centered upon Jesus Christ. Leslie addresses how to relate with guys, discover God’s sacred call upon your life, understand His pattern for true beauty, and how to find real fulfillment in a poured-out life.

The Set-Apart Woman

With rich biblical truths, candid personal stories, and helpful practical insights, The Set Apart Woman will equip you to experience the beauty and fulfillment of a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ. Leslie Ludy shows women of all ages how to cultivate Christ-honoring daily habits, live purpose-filled, overcome fear, build unwavering faith, and live free of doubt and full of joy and confidence.

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Set Apart Girl Magazine Subscription

Whether you subscribe or read one of our back issues, the Set Apart Girl Magazine is filled with powerful articles and life-changing truth for women of all ages. Leslie Ludy and her team will strengthen and inspire you toward a Christ-centered life, offering poignant biblical and practical insights for key areas such as prayer, devotion, relationships, family, lifestyle, decision-making, and purpose. New issues are released every two months.

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When Dreams Come True

I could hardly put this book down until I was done. For days my eyes were filled with tears of joy. I have read many books on relationships but this book went into details often overlooked by other books. I find myself setting standards to go into a relationship understanding that God's grace is made available even in minute things. Eric and Leslie thank you for the willingness to share your story. I look forward to reading more of your books.


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Set Apart Girl Magazine Subscription

Unparalleled. That is the one word I would use to describe the Set Apart Girl magazines. They are unparalleled in the Christian magazine world in their content, truth, and encouragement; they are exceptional in their quality and beauty, and amazing in the impact they have had on pointing me and others I have shared my copies with toward Jesus and the realities and joys of living for Him.


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The Lost Art Of True Beauty

I went into this book with an open mind and I really am surprised at how much of a profound effect it is having on me. It just never crossed my mind that my love for Christ should be reflected in my outward appearance. The book has also helped me examine my approach to men as a Godly woman and the modesty I need to be exerting. I really am being transformed through the pages of this book. Its given me a new perspective that I am truly grateful. I very highly recommend this book.