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When Dreams Come True

I could hardly put this book down until I was done. For days my eyes were filled with tears of joy. I have read many books on relationships but this book went into details often overlooked by other books. I find myself setting standards to go into a relationship understanding that God's grace is made available even in minute things. Eric and Leslie thank you for the willingness to share your story. I look forward to reading more of your books.

Stella O.


Authentic Beauty

This book fueled me with a passionate desire to be with my Prince, showed me what it means to truly have a relationship with God, and gave me a whole new outlook on what I had previously thought about purity, Jesus, and my faith.  Authentic Beaty set me on the path to finding God again, and I don't believe I will ever be the same.  This book is a must read that changed my life!



Set Apart Femininity

Leslie, thank you so much for writing this book.  I know not everyone is going to choose to embrace the "radical" Biblical perspective of this book, but I just finished reading it today, and it could not have been more timely.  I was oh, so refreshed and challenged by it, especially the section on prayer.  I also so appreciated the discreet way you covered topics about guys in this book, so I can freely recommend it to all my friends.

Kelsey G.