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Every Christian is called into spiritual employment to rescue the weak, the dying, the needy, and the lost—to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in this world. God is not looking for super-Christians but believers who are fully given to His purpose and will so He can shape them into modern day heroes. Are you ready to gain an epic vision for Christian living and embrace the heroic call upon your life?

It Takes a Gentleman and a Lady

After a dozen books and more than twenty years of speaking on relationships, Eric Ludy has written what he says blows all his other relationship books out of the water. In this forty day journey, you will discover what it means for God to build an amazing love story and gain practical insights on how to center your romance upon Jesus Christ and biblical principles.

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Are These Really My Pants?

With classic Eric Ludy humor, this book dives into one of the most difficult topics as a leader: handling accusation and difficulty. Using his own story as the backdrop for the book, Eric calls the Body of Christ to stand together against that which opposes truth.

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God’s Gift To Women

I first wanted this book just because of the title. I made the joke many times (sadly) that it was my biography. Well once I started reading it I did not want to stop. I have read a few Christian dating books and books like that and this book goes beyond all of them. God's Gift to Women is a book about making you a man of God...I don't know what to say, but if you are a guy READ THIS BOOK.


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Bravehearted Gospel

I read this book, even though I am not a man... But I will tell you, in truth, this book has altered me more than any other book (Wrestling Prayer is a very close second)... This book is almost foundational, I think it is best to read it before Wrestling prayer... its an introduction to the "manly stuff" of the Gospel, and it seems (although unintentional) that Wrestling Prayer is somewhat of a sequel. Any who, this is assuredly a book that will wake the sleeping masses!


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Wrestling Prayer

This books awakens a Holy desire to pursue a sanctified life for His Glory.  A true blessing, I believe this book will change your life as you learn more about His Truth and you learn to walk in it.

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