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The Bold Return of the Dunces

Throughout history Christians have been labeled “fools” and “problems to society.” In the current culture that lures us to fit in and not offend, the biblical call upon our lives is to stand and wear the title of “dunce” for Jesus Christ. In this humorous but straight-forward book, Eric Ludy calls believers to boldly wear the stigma of Christ, share in the fellowship of His sufferings, and be branded a fool.

Wrestling Prayer

The power of prayer appears lost today. This book is intended to recharge the spiritual batteries of weary saints—it’s a message designed for heroic souls in need of a hearty spiritual meal and a fresh reminder of how truly powerful our God really is. If you are wanting to see the power of prayer return in your life and in your church—this book is a great place to start.

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When God Writes Your Life Story

The Christian life is to be much more than dull and predictable—it is to be the greatest adventure of all time! For a generation longing to live a life that counts, Eric and Leslie Ludy provide a roadmap to the Christ-built life. Featuring a practical “Field Guide” section, this book highlights the seven landmarks of a God-scripted adventure, giving you a vision for all Jesus Christ can do in and through you as you discover His purpose for your life.

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Eric & Leslie Ludy’s Complete Book Collection

I have been deeply encouraged in my faith walk by this collection.  You are not alone and you will be built up in Him, loved by Him and ministered and encouraged as you read.  I read their first book When God Writes your Love Story when it first came out many years ago and their ministry has bloomed more beautiful as years have passed.  I strongly recommend this collection.


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When God Writes Your Love Story

When God Writes Your Love Story is a down to earth, powerful display of God's faithfulness and the importance of putting Him above our own thoughts and desires. One can learn alot about holding out for God's best in this book!

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Wrestling Prayer

Formatted after the story of David's Mighty Men (delightfully brought to life by Eric Ludy), Mr. and Mrs. Ludy introduce their readers to a prayer life that makes mightiest of our world seem like weaklings, and gets the mouthes of saints to water! In this powerful book the reader is given the tools, the inspiration, and the guidance to apply these principals.

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