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Whether you subscribe or read one of our back issues, the Set Apart Girl Magazine is filled with powerful articles and life-changing truth for women of all ages. Leslie Ludy and her team will strengthen and inspire you toward a Christ-centered life, offering poignant biblical and practical insights for key areas such as prayer, devotion, relationships, family, lifestyle, decision-making, and purpose. New issues are released every two months.

When God Writes Your Life Story

The Christian life is to be much more than dull and predictable—it is to be the greatest adventure of all time! For a generation longing to live a life that counts, Eric and Leslie Ludy provide a roadmap to the Christ-built life. Featuring a practical “Field Guide” section, this book highlights the seven landmarks of a God-scripted adventure, giving you a vision for all Jesus Christ can do in and through you as you discover His purpose for your life.

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When God Writes Your Love Story

The foundation for an amazing, lifelong love story begins even before you meet your future spouse. This bestselling book has provided the foundation for a whole new way of thinking about relationships among today’s generation. Rather than build a love story the way the world does, this book introduces readers to a far superior way of building a love story … God’s way.

Our readers' recommendations:

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Authentic Beauty

So far I am at the tenth chapter. I am speechless! This book is life changing and wonderful. Sometimes I read and I am happy that I am following it, but others have drawn me more to Christ and have put me to shame...I thank Jesus for calling her to do this. This was what I was yearning for and this was what I needed. Praise God for His work and for what He is doing in my life and in so many others.

Elizabeth S. GET THE BOOK

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When God Writes Your Love Story

This is by far one of my favorite books! I enjoy how there is an emphasis on God's faithfulness and putting Him first above our own wants and desires.  I am 25 and have never dated, but it has helped me to remember that I have a Prince who is a greater lover than any man could be!


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Eric & Leslie Ludy’s Complete Book Collection

I have read most of the Ludy books and I know I cried, laughed, prayed and grew closer to my heavenly Father in each book.   Thank you for your dedication to bring others closer to Jesus Christ.