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Eric Ludy

Eric has been laboring in front-lines Christian leadership for more than two decades. His current ministry role is multi-faceted. He serves as the President of Ellerslie Mission Society, the senior pastor of the Church at Ellerslie, and the lead instructor at Ellerslie Discipleship Training.

Eric is the bestselling author of eighteen books and is a highly respected voice in Christianity on issues such as prayer, faith, godly masculinity, Christian relationships, and Christ-centered rescue work. Eric Ludy is a seasoned veteran in the realm of Christian communications, having been a guest on nearly every major Christian media platform and traveling the world speaking at colleges, conferences, and churches over the past twenty years.

Eric and his wife, Leslie, are well-known for their book When God Writes Your Love Story (initially published in 1998), which still ranks as one of the top selling Christian relationship books of all time. Eric and Leslie have been married over twenty years and have six children, four of which were adopted.

Eric’s Sunday sermons, which are enjoyed by thousands weekly, can be viewed, listened to, and downloaded at