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Godly Discernment - Online Course

How to Become a Woman of Wisdom

Be equipped with the lost art of godly discernment

Godly Discernment - Online Course


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We live in a day and age where “righteousness stands at a distance; truth has stumbled in the streets, [and] honesty cannot enter,” (Is. 59:14 NIV). Truth-centered, Christ-focused, biblically-sound believers are no longer commonplace; they have become the exception. As set apart women living in such an era, we do not have the option of passively accepting anything and everything that is being dished out to us in the name of Christianity. Instead, God desires to equip us with the lost art of godly discernment. In this eye-opening course, Leslie discusses:

  • The biblical pattern for true godly discernment
  • How to recognize common perversions of Truth in Christianity
  • How to protect your soul against being deceived
  • How to handle concerns within the Body of Christ in a Christ-honoring way