Charles Spurgeon on the Centrality of Christ

My soul endeavor at this time ... is that to you Christ may be all, that Christ may be in you all, and that so, in all that you do, and say, and are, God may be all in all.

Charles Spurgeon on the Centrality of Christ


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When Christ is placed in His proper position, the Christian life begins to actually work.

Examine how someone spends their time, money, and what they think upon throughout the day and you'll discover what is most important to that person. Yet for many Christians, the results would reveal that the focus and emphasis of their life is anything but Jesus Christ.

What does it look like for Jesus Christ to be central in my life?
How do I make Him my "all in all"?
How do I live victoriously in this sin-infested world?

Such questions plague the modern Christian and many books today merely give surface answers. But there is a solution.

Ellerslie Press has curated some of the most impactful sermons throughout Spurgeon's massive collection to challenge, encourage, and champion the centrality of Christ in your life, family, job, and church. You'll discover that the secret for how to live the Christian life is found in a Person and His position in your life.