Are These Really My Pants?

The Funny Lessons I’ve Learned in Trying to Wear the Title “Cult Leader”

God has not given up on the Church today.

Are These Really My Pants?


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  • Pages: 54
  • Release Date: 2015 (Ellerslie Press)


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If you like the “Eric Ludy” brand of humor, this book will give you an hour of laughter as you discover a disturbing trend within the Church today.


Throughout twenty years of ministry and standing on the front lines of Christian leadership, Eric Ludy has received a lot of pot-shots, accusations, and name calling—which God has used to produce laughter and leaps of joy. One such label that has been thrust upon him is “cult leader”—a title not many of us want placed around our necks, or in this case, our waist.


In this hilarious, fun, and insightful book, Eric unashamedly pokes at the topic, discovering what makes a great cult leader, and in the end, finds himself lacking in the qualifications. Using humor to illustrate a difficult topic, this book reminds the Body of Christ that we must stand together rather than devour one another.