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The Set-Apart Girl’s Guide to Relating to the Opposite Sex


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Nothing is worth sacrificing our relationship with the true Lover of our soul.

Answering the Guy Questions



Answering the Guy Questions is a powerful book that tackles some of the toughest relationship questions young women ask. If you have ever been discouraged, disgusted, depressed, or even defeated by the state of modern guys, this book can infuse you with vision, hope, and a practical means of doing something about it!

This book shows young women the significant role they play in helping guys discover true manhood as God intended it to be, in all of its glory, strength, nobility and honor and is extremely practical—tackling key areas such as:

  • Guy/girl friendships, physical and emotional boundaries
  • Modesty and flirting
  • Laying the foundation for a God-scripted love story

Rather than follow the world's plan to capture the attention of the man of your dreams, allow Leslie to challenge you to live a set apart life and develop a Christ-consumed heart.

This is a great book for small group discussions and is appropriate for younger teens while still relevant for women college-aged and older.