About Us

Do you desire to hear Truth boldly proclaimed in this generation? Are you willing to sacrifice and even suffer hardship in order to live out real Christianity? Do you long for a Christian life that actually works?

Bravehearted Store is a coalition of Bravehearted Christian ministries built for people just like you. We live in a generation where Christianity is under siege—and we need heroes to return to the stage of time to live, act, proclaim, and demonstrate that Christianity is more than spiritual frustration and despair, but actually possible, effective, living, transforming, and victorious. We must catch the vision for something more.

The Bravehearted Store has been handcrafted to put resources and tools in your hand to help you navigate the murky waters of modern living and become grounded, confident, and thriving in Jesus Christ. Our resources are applicable for men and women at every stage of life–whether you are young, old, single, married, a parent, or a leader - we have resources to spur you further down the endless frontier of the deeper Christian life.

We invite you to poke around the Bravehearted Store, check our our recommendations and resources for practical Christian living (books, magazines, videos, conferences, and courses). We also encourage you to dive deep into Bravehearted Christian and its ministries for free articles, sermons, and resources to encourage you down the narrow way of the Cross.



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